In 1980, our journey into the industry started. We began by designing special chassis equipment for vehicle manufacturers and producing this equipment. We have contributed a great deal to our country. Through us, official institutions were introduced to specialty vehicles, including those for asphalt maintenance, funerals, snow and criminal equipment. Traffic services were carried out with lift aways and its derivatives without disruption. We gave the traffic services a firm and secure foundation. We put our unique signature of quality on to the standard of armoured vehicles in the defense industry. This was achieved without affecting the standard of the chassis vehicle manufacture. Some of the countless services we brought in include mobile libraries, mobile cinemas to provide education in far flung communities, mobile clinics, crawler ambulances for health, different kinds of apron vehicles for the aviation sector and vehicles with private lift apparatus for the disabled.

We have set up countless projects with Anadolu ISUZU one of the largest chassis vehicle manufacturers, and presented them to the users.

We are totally committed to offering universal quality and standards of products and services. We do this by continually evolving, exploring and generating innovations.

In research and development, we have also broken ground in the design of special equipment by our team and the Anadolu ISUZU engineering staff. We are both the leader and innovator in this specialised field. Others look up to our example. We are committed to developing ourselves competitively and have never been complacent. We strive for excellence in all areas of our business.

We have paid attention to and learned from our past experiences. We embrace the latest world technology. These elements then inform our current working practice and environment, moving us forward, prepared for the future.

Miraç Adnan İRİGÜL

Founder and President of Board of Directors.