Human Resources


Mai Defense Industry realizes annual work to place correct candidates to correct positions on the basis of its objects and principals. As Mai Defense Industry, one of the most important criteria in our employment process consists of perfection. Regardless of the department for which the candidates are evaluated, it is important that our candidates have following nine perfections.

The Perfection of Mai Defense Industry:

• Orientation

• Team work

• Communication

• Collaboration Development

• Result Oriented

• Creativeness and Entrepreneurship

• Self and Team Improvement

• Conformity and Management of Differences

• Customer Oriented

The following evaluation factors are applied in the evaluation of newly graduate and experienced candidates’ conformity in accordance with the requirements of the position fully or partially:

• Perfection Based Interview

• Occupational Personal Inventory

• English Placement Test

• Assessment Center Applications - The perfection of our candidates are assessed according to team works and individual exercises that are developed for given special cases. The job proposal of the Mai Association is offered to the candidates that are considered as suitable as a result of these assessments and the suitable candidates start to work in relevant departments. The aim of this application is to place the suitable candidates into suitable positions by examining the personal information, abilities and perfections of the candidates. You may reach to relevant application process and announcements of the Mai Defense Industry Companies from the address of www.linkedin/maigroup.