Environmental Policy




Mai Defense Industry adopts the innovative and sustainable environmental approach in its works.

With the conscious that society agrees the “sustainable” works, we adopt integral, transparent and reliable administration with the communication and collaboration with society.

Our basic principal for the activities in different sectors is; undertaking the responsibility of product and service life cycle.

We administrate our activities by considering their environmental effects at the each stage of our improvement.


We create and apply our standards beyond legal responsibilities. We aim to perfection with the business to business information and experience sharing.

In order to improve our environmental performance continuously, we embrace preventive approach for all activities.

We determine and manage the environmental risks. We try to apply best production techniques.

We contribute to sustainability while we follow the environmental developments by turning over it as a job opportunity.

We support the environmental awareness and information sharing for community development.


We play along with environmental law and other relevant legal requirements.

While we realize the environmental applications beyond the legal requirements, we also control their conformity.

We determine our environmental influence.

We determine the whole environmental influence and we develop the object, program and tracking systems, we review and develop reformative precautions.

We manage the intra-association sources.

We determine the organizational role, responsibility and authorizations in infrastructure, technology; finance and human resources and we contribute to the development of environmental awareness of our workers.

We provide systematicity in our applications and we create a business to business synergy.

We prepare our business standards with a preventive approach and we get it to be applied by everybody including our workers, suppliers, undertakers.

When we realize our activities, we determine the potential risks for environmental damages with a proactive approach; and we try to take these preventive precautions fully and in time.

We work for developing our environmental performance and we always review it. We determine and apply certain objects within the frame of energy and waste management.

While we aim to continuous reformation with clear products and clear production technology; we undertake the responsibility of our products and services.

We simply report our activities and we also facilitate the information access.